Ultimate guide to false lashes vs lash extensions: Which one is for you?

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Thought about lash extensions but not sure if it's for you?

In this ultimate guide we will compare the pros and cons of false lashes and lash extensions so you can determine which is best for you.

Thousands of women are choosing lash extensions as part of their beauty maintenance routine, so naturally, you want to know if you should jump the gun too and if you do, is it worth it?

The infographic below shows a quick comparison of the two lash alternatives. 

So, you now have a rough idea of what is involved with each of the lash alternatives but still none are more convincing than the other.

Let's look at the two, from a looks perspective. 

What look are you going for?

There are a range of styles when it comes to both falsies and extensions. You would have heard of synthetic, silk, mink, Russian, 2D, 3D and so on. 

The lash extensions look

The most common look you will see when someone has lash extensions is the 2D Russian volume, as pictured in the two images below. 

2D russian volume lash extensions 2D russian volume lash extensions

The FALSIES look

Natural synthetic faux mink false lashes

faux mink voluminous false lashes

False lashes come in a range of styles; the varieties are endless! They are versatile and allow you to change up your look depending on your mood or occasion.

"But I don’t know how to put on falsies!" (I hear you scream in frustration)!! 

90% of women choose extensions over falsies mainly because they don’t know how to put them on. Chances are you are one of the 90%! The other 10% are those who just simply want to wake up feeling fab with little to no effort. HOWEVER, if you were able to put on lashes in just 10 seconds would you consider falsies over extensions? If the answer is yes, we challenge you to follow and practice these 5 easy steps and in no time you will be able to confidently apply falsies. There are also countless tutorials on youtube to follow, you don't have an excuse! 

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So, which will it be?

Extensions are great for those who want to spend little or no effort on their day-to-day makeup routine, can handle 2 hour appointments and have the capacity to spend a bit more on their lashes.

Ultimately, the decision lies within you and whichever suits your lifestyle. However, you too can reap the limitless benefits of wearing falsies, just don’t give up on the choice of falsies entirely simply because you don’t know how or are too intimidated to learn and put them on! Anything is possible with practice. My early days of applying lashes definitely didn’t just come in a day, heck I’ve been doing my own makeup since I was 15!

Go on, save yourself the time and money and get together with some friends and practice the art of applying false lashes. Your efforts will be rewarded with flattering looks forever.

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